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Tricia Hwam’s Skincare Regime!
IDS Skincare, 20 April 2016


Hello everyone! 


My name is Tricia Hwam and i’m honoured to be invited by the JYSKSS team to guest blog for this week’s post! As such, i’ve decided to share with you guys my top favourite products from the IDS Skincare range.


I have always believed in the importance of taking good care of your skin. Makeup might be able to hide certain imperfections, but you cant be wearing makeup 24/7, can you? 


Thus, I always believe in investing in good skincare and its something that one cannot be stingy on. I also know that having good skin is something that requires good discipline and effort. It cannot be achieved overnight.


Before trying out IDS Skincare, I have already heard about it and seen people rave about it. But of course, I never really believed how awesome their products were until I actually tried it out myself. Now, my IDS products never leave my bedside table and I apply them religiously everyday! 



My favourite product out of the entire IDS skincare range is, like many others, the much raved about IDS C-Plus.


When I switched to the IDS skincare range, I completely stopped using my previous serums and essences. So I could clearly see how the C+ was working on my skin and made sure it was not because of the other products. After 1 week of using the C+ (I used it twice a day, after cleansing my face and toner), my skin tone was much more even, my skin was much more radiant and had this glow to it, even without makeup!


But of course, bear in mind, this was after continuous use! I had previously tried out various other skincare serums which claimed to contain potent vitamin C but none of it was as effective as the C+.



The next product that I cant stop using is the IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector! (Extreme right in photo above) If you didn’t already know, I am a total makeup junkie and have tried out a lot of foundations, both drugstores and high end. My verdict is, the DD perfector is definitely comparable to my high end foundations or may even be better. If you are looking for that dewy, glowing effect, the DD perfector is the one for you. I’ve tried it out, and as promised, it really lasts for so long on your skin and does not oxidise.



Another product I am a fan of is the IDS Facial Scrub
Its very important to exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week. Some facial scrubs are very harsh and tend to leave your face all red and instead of helping your skin, its too harsh! The IDS facial scrub is really gentle yet effective! Right after the scrub, you will feel a significant difference in your skin! After using the scrub for the first time, I was so shocked! My skin had never felt so smooth before? It was so shocking. Also, I like the smell of the scrub and how refreshing it felt.
Changing to IDS skincare has been one of the best choices Ive made and now, I feel so much more confident going out without makeup and am really embracing my bare skin! Thank you IDS!
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