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A Toast to Mothers – Our Real Life Superhero
IDS Skincare, 11 May 2018

This week, IDS Skincare pays tribute to all mothers in the world! For this, we round up some friends of IDS – Rachell TanSoh Pei ShiJoyce Cheo and Estee Chan – to share with us what they haven’t been saying enough of and what makes mom the modern-day superhero. Read on to also learn what beauty secrets they have picked up along the way.




RACHELL TAN, Co-Founder Of Cereal Citizen, & SHARON CHIAM


What’s your relationship with Mom like?

We support each other when we’re in need, and like best friends, we always cheer each other up.


Which superhero is your Mom?

Batman – who unlike most superheroes does not possess any superpowers; rather relies on her own wit and diligence. And like all superheroes, she has a good heart and she tries her best in everything she does.


What would you like to say to Mom this Mother’s Day?

I would like to thank her for her unconditional love and all the yummy home cooked food. She’s always there for me and believing in me despite my (sometimes) questionable decisions. She never fails to love all her children despite all the crap that we do. 🙂





[SPS] What have you learnt from Mom?

My Mom believes that health is the most important. She always boils all kinds of nourishing soups that are good for the skin such as collagen and herbal soups. Now I’ve learnt to enjoy soups thanks to Mom!


[SPS] What is the one thing you don’t say enough to your Mom?

I love you Mom and thank you for everything you have done.


[SPS] Which superhero is your Mom?

My mom is a superhero herself… Lol… I don’t think there is one who can best represent her because she’s already the best kind of superhero.


[Mom] What do you have to say about Pei Shi’s success?

I will always support her in everything that she does. I hope that she continues to pursue what she loves.


[Mom] What is the sweetest thing Pei Shi has done for you?

Pei Shi is the sunshine of the family. She is a very sweet child and she never fails to cheer everyone up.







[EC] What beauty secrets have you learnt from Mom?

That aloe vera is the best all-purpose, multi-benefit home remedy! During my pubescent years, I suffered from very bad acne – my face was perpetually covered with big angry zits. Mom would keep the plant in the fridge for use and she would apply fresh aloe vera on my face to help calm the inflammation and it worked!


Nowadays, it’s the reverse. As a beauty junkie, I like to try all kinds of products and beauty gizmos and I’d also try them on Mom. I have become her personal “beautician” and she is my “guinea pig”.


What we also love to do is to share and explore the various uses of raw ingredients, creating homemade beauty recipes like fermented rice wine, oats and husk mask, and yogurt turmeric mask for brightening and lifting. There’s a famous line between the two of us “愛美不要命“, we will try all things as long as it doesn’t cost our lives. 😀


[EC] What was Mom’s best advice?

To continue and complete my studies (which I did in my 30s) and I am glad that I heeded her advice. There is a sense of satisfaction and achievement.


[EC] What’s the one thing you didn’t say enough to your Mom?

She knows I love her a lot. But the one thing I really want to say is “Mummy, thank you for your love, time and efforts in taking good care of us, including papa – especially the difficult times when he was sick. WE LOVE YOU!”


[EC] Which superhero is your Mom?

The original Wonder Woman (played by Lynda Carter) because she used to have that figure (but not the height). Ha ha ha!


[Mom] What’s the sweetest thing Estee has done for you?

She took a fraction of her first salary to buy me a watch. I know it wasn’t a very expensive brand but it was the thought that counts and I am still very touched by it.


[Mom] What do you think of Estee’s current success?

I am glad that I asked her to complete her studies even though she was in a stable job then. It’s for her own good and I know that it would benefit her in the long run.


[Mom] What’s your ONE advice to Estee?

There are plenty of opportunities out there, so don’t despair when things don’t work out. Like the Chinese saying, “當上帝關了一扇門,比打開另一扇窗” which means “When God closes a door, He always opens another window”.





[JC] How is mom your role model?

My mom is one of the strongest woman I know. My parents were divorced when I was in my teens, so she really provided for my brother and I to the best way she could and I will always be grateful for that.


On a lighter note, I remember watching my mom get ready for work, applying her lipstick and spritzing on perfume. I would go to her room and rummage through her Estee Lauder lipsticks and perfumes when she’s at work. I remember the times when I’d forgotten which drawers to put them back at, and I would be so scared that she’d find out I was playing with her makeup. And till this day, I always associate lipstick and perfume as symbols of power and strength for women.


[JC] What’s the beauty secret you learnt from Mom?

To always remove your makeup. Every day when she came back from work, I’ll follow her into her room and sit on her bed and tell her everything that happened in school while she removed her makeup in the bathroom.


[JC] What great advice did you learn from Mom?

She really taught me the importance of hard work since I was a child. She would always push me to excel at everything I do, simply because she believes that it’s a great waste of talent if we under-performed due to laziness, and it applied to everything from abacus class to piano lessons and school work.

That philosophy about putting in effort in everything we do applies for beauty too because she is very dedicated in maintaining her hair. Till today even as a retiree, she still gets regular blow-outs and will maintain the style at home by keeping her hair curled in rollers. 😉


[JC] What’s the one thing you didn’t say enough to your Mom?

That I love her.


[JC] Which superhero is your Mom?

It’s a cliche, but she’ll always be Wonder Woman to me.


[Mom] What’s the sweetest thing Joyce has done for you?

It makes me happy when she helps me out in the kitchen and when we prepare a meal for the family together.


[Mom] What do you think of Joyce’s current success?

I’m happy that she enjoys her work and is surrounded by people who love her. And I’m happy as long as she’s happy.


[Mom] What’s your ONE advice to Joyce?

Go to bed earlier!




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IDS wishes all Moms a Happy Mother’s Day!

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