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[ Celeste ] My Laser Journey after IDS Skincare
IDS Skincare, 29 September 2021

Recently I have some breakouts on my face. I felt annoyed with a few sudden breakups. I wasn't sure what were the causes. It could be because of my hormonal changes or too heaty or not enough sleep. I made a trip down to IDS to get my skin consulted. We were planning to do a laser a few months ago, but because my skin condition wasn't stable, it wasn't advisable to do a laser that works for the scars. Instead, IDS suggested doing Aerolase Laser which, suitable for acne.


Since my skin condition has changed, I was asked to stop using the Recovery Serum ideal for sensitive skin and added on the new skincare, Blemish Mist from IDS Skincare. This new product serves as an anti-blemish purpose. 
Blemist Mist - Celeste
The Aerolase laser works well for acne and good for skin rejuvenation. At the same, I did an extraction for my acne after the laser. The consultant applied numbing cream for me before the treatment. The best part about this laser is no downtime and no pain at all. It is my first time doing such a light laser. The only pain I felt was during the extraction. The slight pain and warmth were only last for a couple of minutes. I was informed beforehand, and I am fine with it.


The numbing process was fast. It only took less than 10 minutes for the cream to absorb. Even the laser was also quite fast. The overall process takes less than half an hour. IDS did the laser carefully for me and was attentive enough to ask if I am doing fine while the laser was going on.


laser - celeste

Here's the look of me before and after laser. The red spot on my face was from the extraction. I didn't mind the extraction even though it was slight pain because it did help with my pimples. The redness was gone after a few days and left no scars.

                      Before                                                               After
Post-Treatment - 4th days


Throughout this few months journey, my skin tone is more even, and my skin seems brighter. Of course, I still have a few pimples, but the spot control does a good job on the pimple. The biggest change was my dry undereye, it's gone. When I started, my cheek also was dehydrated, and now it has been getting much better. I don't feel the dry skin anymore.


I feel so happy with the improvement of my dehydrated skin especially, my dry under the eye. My crack eyes have disappeared completely. I can again use make-up on my eyes while maintaining my healthy complexion. There are many behaviour changes we can do to improve our skin. Stay hydrated, apply sunscreen and use the right skincare products are the essential basic steps that we need to do. 



If you ask me would I recommend IDS, the answer is definitely "Yes". The product didn't harm our skin, not harsh, and it doesn't cause you to depend on it. It has been a great journey with IDS. 




*Credits to Celeste

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