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[ Cherlynn ] Thermage FLX at IDS
IDS Skincare, 09 December 2021

Have long heard of Thermage way before an oasis of non-invasive skin tightening treatments sprouted in the market. Hollywood celebrities and many famous fashion influencers swear by its visible results. However, some reviews that pointed to discomfort during the treatment just deterred me from considering it until I read more and understand that the new Thermage FLX is much more comfortable, with shorter treatment time due to its larger device tips.


In anticipation for my treatment, I researched more to understand what exactly is Thermage and what I should expect as I have a low tolerance for pain but yet, I wish to have tighter, younger looking skin.


So what exactly is Thermage? In short, a non-invasive radio-frequency (RF) therapy that can help smoothen, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance, as quoted on thermange website. Only 1 treatment that lasts for about 1 year with no downtime. I thought for 1 year of tighter skin, a can bear with a little discomfort, why not?


On the day of treatment, Dr examined my face and confirmed that Thermage would be the right treatment suited for my condition. Her analogy of Thermage was interesting and apt to what was described - an ironing machine for fine lines and wrinkles. She recommended 600 reps with more  concentration on my forehead and laugh lines and assured me that the treatment would be much more comfortable after the application of numbing cream.


Shortly after, I was led to a treatment room for application numbing cream. For minimal discomfort, it is recommended that numbing cream be left on to absorb for an hour. 


After application of the numbing cream


Thermage template applied as a guide for the stamping device


As soon as the numbing cream began to work, I was led into the Thermage treatment room where they inked a template onto my face as a guide for the targeted treatment points. As Doctor came into the room, she assured me again that it will be bearable and mostly comfortable treatment.  After applying a layer of cooling gel on my face, she adjusted the level to the lowest so that I could gauge how it feels. As we went along, she adjusted the levels to more optimum levels to treat areas of concern.


At the first few trial shots, I was worried it would be painful but it was quite comfortable


570/600 shots, at this point it was comfortable enough for me to take this shot


The 600 shots took about 45 minutes with some short pauses as Doctor adjusted the intensity level for different areas. In all, I would say that the treatment was mostly comfortable and pain-free except the areas near the corner of my mouth. I would rate the pain level overall as 3/10 and 7/10 around the mouth. 


Post treatment, there were no redness or any sensitivities and I could leave the clinic almost immediately. I even went shopping around orchard with my hubby!

Right after treatment with no visible redness or side effects


As advised by Doctor, my natural collagen will begin to regenerate in the coming months and I should see result as soon as 4 weeks' time. Now at the time of writing this, I am into a week after treatment and I already feel my skin surface is a lot smoother with a slight lift at the corner of my lips. I cannot wait to see a tightened, younger looking me in the next few months. If I were to time the full effects, they will reach optimal results around Christmas till Chinese New Year. How awesome to bring my best face forward then! 


If you like to know more about Thermage, you can read more about it here. I get all my information about Thermage there. I recommend that you speak to your doctor before deciding if Thermage is best for you but when I was deciding on the treatment, I spoke to my facial consultant in IDS Aesthetics before hoping on this bandwagon.



*Credits to Cherlynn

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