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[ Cheryljhoe ] Dual Yellow Laser – for that instant glow!
IDS Skincare, 16 December 2021

My journey with IDS continues… with a laser treatment! Once again, I had a consultation first to make sure that the facial I did the last time went well and that there weren’t any concerns that arose from it.


I was asked if I had any other skin concerns and I said I don’t like my blackheads cos with my fair skin, blackheads are super obvious. The other concern I had was the lines on my face, predominantly the wrinkles I started to notice around my eyes, mouth and forehead. For this, I was recommended something called Thermage which apparently would be really really effective, but in this post I’ll share more about Dual Yellow Laser, and then dedicate a separate one to the Thermage treatment.


If you haven’t heard of it before, the Dual Yellow laser is a non-invasive laser treatment that combines yellow and green light to eliminate and target several skin concerns like acne, redness, pigmentation like freckles, sunspots, and melasma. It doesn’t just treat current acne but also kills the bacteria to prevents future acne. Not only that, Dual Yellow laser also helps to brighten and rejuvenate your skin, with visible results in just a single session!


There’s something called Pro Yellow laser, but the one I’m doing was a level up from the Pro Yellow laser, more effective and targets more issues. The Pro Yellow Laser only consist of one yellow LED whereas the Dual Yellow uses both the yellow and the green LED. Don’t worry though, these lasers are really gentle and does not cause any harsh effects.


For this laser treatment, I was first brought into one of the rooms to have my face cleaned. Similar to the facial treatments, they put on a shower cap type thing and double cleansed to make sure all my make up was gone and face was clean. Honestly, I’m falling in love with this step cos of the light fragrance and the gentle massage.


Was then ushered to a waiting space for maybe 3-5 mins with a few other people waiting for their treatment too. There were another 3 people there, I guess also waiting for their treatment, but we were all quite well spaced out. Two of them had the LED Mask on, the one made famous by Lee Minho in the King – Eternal Monarch heheh go google it you’ll know what I mean. I wanted to take an IGS but paiseh. :p


Didn’t take too long, I was ushered into another room where my laser treatment was going to be. The assistant put this clear cold gel on my face, which kinda reminded me of the ones they use at LED hair removal places, but not as shockingly cold. It’s not a numbing cream, but it’s just a gel that probably acts as a conductor for your skin.


Do you see how I match my shirt? Haha.


I’ve done laser treatments elsewhere before so I wasn’t too nervous about this. After the gel was applied, here you can see the start of the laser treatment. To be honest, I never knew how it looked like until I saw these! These pictures were kindly taken by the assistant.


The wand is moved in a circular motion all over my entire face, and at least three times. It’s not painful AT ALL. This coming from someone who cries at injections (yes my vaccinations were a hilarious process for the clinic and doctor). It’s actually a slightly warm sensation, really quite calming. I may or may not have fallen asleep here.


Right after, the gel is cleaned off, a light moisturiser is applied, I was given a mirror and DAYUM WHO DIS. Legit I was quite surprised cos I really felt like my face was fairer and brighter than before. No more dull looking skin! I SHOW YOU. Are my eyebags also lightened??


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