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[ Eddy Chua ] Laser Treatment with IDS and My Skincare Journey Updates!
IDS Skincare, 13 October 2021
IDS has been one of the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore, offering medically and technologically advanced skincare treatment in Singapore!

(This is a part of my ongoing skincare journey with IDS! You can read up on the first two instalments of the series here and here.)



4 months of Summer’s break, and it’s time to return back to school. I took a look at my iCalendar schedule — ever so hectic — and there was one I particularly scheduled in, and that was my date with IDS!


It has been about 3 months since my last visit to IDS, so I felt that it’s about time to find some time to indulge in some self-care, and also to top-up my skincare products. It was also a good time because I was forced out finally going to be out of my man’s cave and thus, I have to ensure that my face is in its best optimal state before I summon my inner socialble self in time for school.


IDS recommended me that I could do Mosaic laser, to help with the rejuvenation of my skin. Once we were done with the discussion, I was ushered to another room so that a beauty consultant can prepare my skin for the treatment.


The Thing About Laser

Before I proceed on to describe the process, let me elaborate on what a laser treatment is and what benefits do Mosaic laser bring about.


The Mosaic laser is a fractional erbium glass laser. It is able to deliver tiny columns of laser into the skin at spaced intervals. These columns of skin get coagulated by the heat from the laser and heal with production of collagen. This remodelling tightens the skin and smoothens the acne scars on the face, as well as rejuvenation of the skin on face and neck. It also helps to shrink pores and reduce wrinkles, roughness, discolouration, and pigmentation, giving a tighten and even skin tone.


I was told that it would be normal for my face to turn red after the treatment, and it will take about a week for the redness to fade off.


Beauty consultant at IDS applying numbling cream on Eddy Chua's face in preparation for the pico-laser treatment.


So back to the preparation for the treatment, the beauty consultant helped to apply some numbling cream to my face. Well, it is laser after all, the heat might make one feels uncomfortable at some point in time, so it will be better to get some numbling cream on and create some anesthetical effect to lessen any discomfort.


I laid there for a good 20 minutes to allow the numbling cream to take effect before she washed it off from my face. I can say that my face felt slightly numb, just slightly, maybe it is too numb for me to even realise it.


Eddy Chua excitedly and patiently waiting for his turn to do his laser treatment.


Thereafter, I was taken out to the waiting room. Once we are all ready, I was ushered to the treatment room for the Mosaic laser treatment.


Eddy Chua undergoing pico-laser treatment by Dr. Benjamin Yim of IDS.


I could roughly see the red laser from the machine being shone on my face. This was the time at which I realised the importance of the numbling cream. I could feel a bit of the burning sensation but it was not very much of a discomfort.


I was just enjoying my time lying right there while the treatment was conducted on me. Within 5 minutes, the entire treatment is completed. Fast game, I like.

“And we are done.”
“Oh? Wa, fast. Thanks.”


Once done, I went out to get the skincare product that I was supposed to replenish. I like how IDS products can last me more than one academic semester, so that I need not keep replenish my stocks. All you need is just a little pump on your pump for each of the product and it is adequate already!


^ That’s just me feeling so excited about having to replenish my Skincare products.


Eddy Chua looking satisfied with his IDS skincare product replenishment.^ So precious lorh!


Eddy Chua seems to be very amazed with the range of skincare products which IDS offers at the clinic.


IDS also has a lot of different kinds of products for different skin types and conditions. If you also want to smooth and *blink* *blink* face like me, do hit them up and book your consultation with them!


My Journey with IDS Thus Far

It has been a great 9 months since starting out on my skincare journey with IDS, and I would like to say that there hasn’t been any period in the 25 years of my existence when my face looks so flawless.


For those who have long known me, they would know that I do spend part of my monthly budget on skincare products, even prior to my encounter with IDS. That’s why I have at least some guage on what I would like to have at the end of the day with the kind of skincare products offered to me. And I can safely say that IDS has been ticking the positive boxes on my personal checklist.


Ok there’s always acne outbreak here and there because of indulging into too much spicy food, but I am thankful that I have the companion of the Spot Control (SC) — my favourite product out of the entire series.


Different skincare products offered by IDS


Nine months into all the consultations with IDS, treatments and skincare products, I have experienced the combination of professionalism, great customer services, as well as quality skincare products. I have been enjoying all my visits to IDS and also, pleased to be seeing myself everyday in the mirror like some narcassistic psychopath, that my skin condition really have seen some improvement over the months.



Hopefully, with the improvement of my skin and my new style (like what you seen above), I will get to become more presentable in the upcoming AY?


My latest series Ed’s Filmologue Take 2 (半糖去冰) has commenced. I would like to invite everyone to subscribe to my channel so you can get the latest notification on my next video!


*Credits to Eddy Chua

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