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Eexuan goes to Penang with DD Perfector!
IDS Skincare, 05 August 2016

Hello everyone!


My name is Ee xuan and i was invited by IDS Skincare to guest blog this week!


When I was first approached by IDS to do a review on their IDS Diamond-Dust Perfector, I was super psyched. Skincare junkies will definitely hear of IDS and their remarkable range products. The IDS Diamond-dust Perfector was one of their famed products that was offered to me to try out. Here are some images to show how flawless the product is on me, no filter btw:



This photo looks abit filtered as it was taken with a ziplock bag as it was during the Songkran period when I was in Bangkok.



Onboard the cruise, with just DD, lined my waterline and contoured my face. #nofilter


Just an update on my Penang trip, the sun over there was merciless and I kinda expected the DD to go off or get oxidized close to the end of the day; but I was pretty surprised that it didn’t.


Skincare routine: 3 IDS Lyco White Pills, DD, concealer to cover my dark circles, lined my waterline with brown eye shadow.



11am: Starting of the day in a grabcar.



3pm: Went for some yummy muah chee along the way after my char kway teow lunch.



6pm: Had Mao Shang Wang before dinner and nope, my DD did not oxidize, nor did it melt off and become patchy after a day under the hot sun.


Makeup base approved!


From all my observations of using the DD Perfector for about 3months, I have concluded that it does not:

  •  Oxidize
  • Become patchy after a long day
  • Blusher stays on, so it kinda acts like a primer for me


On top of that, the DD Perfector gives a matte finish on my face, which I really love. Cant emphasize how much I love this DD and I have been raving about it to my peers. If you guys are keen in getting any IDS products, you can now do so online at!


Quote ‘eexuan5’ for $5 off and free local delivery for orders above $80.

Quote ‘eexuan25’ for $25 off and free local delivery for orders above $250.


Ending off with a photo to show my affection for DD,

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