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IDS Skincare, 23 September 2022

The strain of work, life, and everything in between can take a toll on the skin, even after you’ve slept in on a Sunday morning. For a more heavy-duty way to perk up a weary face, consider this for a healthy, well-rested appearance.


Though it almost sounds self-explanatory, tired skin manifests outwardly in a worryingly lacklustre appearance, or dull skin with an almost-ashy undertone — it’s not something you can tackle with sleeping in on the weekends or adding a radiance-boosting serum to your skincare regime.


Whether it’s caused by chronic sun exposure, dehydration or ageing, your complexion might need an extra boost to get that healthy glow back. Here, the skin solutions to rejuvenate tired skin without having to resort to David Beckham’s snake venom treatments.




You are what you eat, and this rings especially true for our skin. Dr Ian Tan, medical doctor at IDS Clinic, explains that one of the causes of tired skin is excessive sun exposure — because too much sun hinders the skin’s ability to renew itself, while dead skin cells accumulate on the face, resulting in a dullness that doesn’t seem to dissipate.


“We live on an island strategically located on the equator, so we’re constantly exposed to UV rays. Oral supplements complement our daily skincare routines and improve the skin from the inside out by providing it with the required nutrients and antioxidants,” Dr Tan says.


Incorporating supplements alongside your usual breakfast can be a more convenient and accessible measure to reach for if you don’t have time to spare on trips to the clinic. One option is the Lyco-White Ultra skin supplement by IDS — an edible sunscreen that helps skin look more supple and youthful by protecting the skin from UV damage.


It’s made with botanical extracts and white tomato extract, an antioxidant which inhibits the production of melanin (the cause of dark spots) for a clearer complexion and a brighter skin tone — one tablet is equivalent to eating 187 fresh tomatoes. An infusion of pine bark extract also boosts the immune system while improving skin’s elasticity.


“These ingredients have strong antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties that inhibit the formation of harmful free radicals, which damage the structural support of the cells. This helps to minimise the ageing effects of sunlight, so you’ll see improvement in areas like hyperpigmentation and texture,” says Dr Tan. While some patients see improvements within a few weeks, one to three months is required for optimal radiance and results, he adds.


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