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Getting Skin Ready For Chinese New Year
IDS Skincare, 26 January 2018

Preparations for the Lunar New Year celebrations usually kick start weeks in advance. If you’re one who’s organized and like to be prepared, you’d have started to shop for new outfits, got your nails done, booked for a hair appointment as well as a facial treatment.


Wearing new clothes symbolize a new start and fresh hopes for the New Year and red being China’s good luck color, adorning the color is believed to scare away spirits of bad fortune. But red is not a color that everyone can pull off easily. You probably have better luck with a red lipstick.


Red is also a color often associated with increased energy, blood pressure and passion. With this in mind, why not put all bets on working this hue into the skin instead? For a start, consider ways to improve blood circulation followed by a solid skincare routine that will leave the complexion looking rosier and healthier.


Are you ready to put your best face forward?


1. Cleanse



Be sure to cleanse your face once in the morning to wash away the oil from overnight, and in the evening to clear skin from dirt, grime, pollutants and makeup residue. Try IDS Refreshing Cleanser which is great for those with oily or acne-prone skin to quickly remove makeup and end-of-day residue from the pores while maintaining skin’s natural protective barrier.


2. Scrub

Increase exfoliation routine to twice weekly instead of once a week. With IDS Facial Scrub, you can even use it daily. It contains ultra-fine crystals that will help the skin to get rid of unwanted dead skin cells, clear out impurities and excess sebum. Regular exfoliation also aids in cell renewal – a key factor for glowing, youthful appearance.



On this note, microdermabrasion is another form of exfoliation. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals or diamond-tip to help buff away the top layer of dead skin cells. When you remove the stratum corneum, the body interprets it as an injury and quickly replaces the lost skin cells with new, healthy ones. This is how cellular renewal takes place.


This process also increases circulation in the blood vessels that are at the skin’s surface. This is why you have a healthy pink glow after microdermabrasion. Try IDS Aesthetics Hydro Therapeutics Treatment or Cryo Therapeutics Treatment – both of which uses microdermabrasion and water dermabrasion to remove accumulated dirt, product build-up and clogged sebum.


3. Treatment



The best time for your skin to absorb all the nutrients is after a scrub when the pores are clean, clear and primed to absorb the treatment products that you apply after. Feed skin with serums like IDS C-Plus that’s formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C, E and Fullerenes for its antioxidant action and melanin-suppressing effect.


4. Moisturize



If you work and sleep in an air-conditioned environment, chances are, your skin will become drier over time. To ensure that your skin receives a constant and healthy boost of hydration, apply one to two pumps of IDS Intensive Moisturizer all over the face. As it has a rather lightweight texture, consider applying a thicker layer for your night-time routine (think of this step as a sleeping mask equivalent).


5. Massage

Where facial massage is concerned, some say that it’s not good for your skin as it pulls and stretches your skin too much while others say it aids blood and lymph circulation, which can in turn enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. A better circulating lymph system also helps to stimulate the immune system and relieve congestion such as puffiness in the eyes and face.


*TIP: While applying your moisturizer, give yourself a facial massage at the same time using gentle upward smoothing strokes from the jaw line and cheeks towards the temple. Light tapping motions also help with puffiness while small and quick pinching actions along the brows help to lift the upper eye area.


6. Light therapy

The heat and light from red and infrared light therapy (wavelength 400 to 700 nanometers) penetrate the skin’s surface to “kick start” the cellular processes beneath, triggering new cell generation and improving blood circulation to deliver smoother, more radiant and healthier skin.


Consider these as a form of exercise for your skin.


Gong Xi Fa Cai!



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