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#Happylifeproject Of Fashion Label Co-Founder, Joyce
IDS Skincare, 30 August 2016

In this week’s #IDSSpotlight series, we invited Joyce Ng, the brand owner of The Tinsel Rack label. For today’s post, this fun-loving #happyclothesmaker shares with us a mini project she recently embarked on, as well as some tips on what makes her the joyful person that she is.



So recently I have been thinking about and exploring this concept called happiness. It’s something that we are consciously or subconsciously chasing in life, but sometimes it feels out of reach. Numerous articles, books and videos on this topic called happiness later, I had a couple of takeaways but the most tangible one is this – committing to the things that make you happy. 


 And I came up with a list. I’m sure this list differs from person to person, what makes me happy might not make you happy. But maybe this would inspire you to make your own list and come up with your own #happylifeproject too!


Things That Make Me Happy



1. Eating clean


Now, healthy food does not always mean bland and yucky. I have a couple of places which I love going to and I’m going to recommend 3 of my current favourites to you! Plus, I’m going to include their addresses and opening hours! Yay?



Aloha Poke
92 Amoy St, 069911
Mon-Sat 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 11pm



delivery to your doorstep!


2. Working Out



When you exercise, neurotransmitters and endorphins that ease depression are released. In short and in human language, exercising makes you happy. I visit the gym pretty regularly and I find that it gives me a healthy glow on top of helping me sleep better and focus better at work. Win, win, win! If you don’t have a gym membership, you can always get an exercise mat and workout from home. I love the workouts from youtube channels like Blogilates!


Here’s a workout which I do pretty often whenever I’m lazy to head out to the gym:




3. Travelling


I stand by this quote very firmly: 


“If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.”


There’s nothing more liberating and exuberant about going places you’ve never been, soaking up the foreign sunrays and breathing a different kind of air. 



Unfortunately, travelling takes a toll on your skin. Having to adjust to different climates and enduring the long flights which wrecks havoc to your skin. 


I’m a frequent traveller and while I’m happy to be out and about exploring the world, I worry for my skin. Breakouts and clogged pores were the norm whenever I come home from travelling. Until I started my skincare stint with IDS.


I first travelled to Bali shortly after I started my consultation sessions with IDS.



I religiously applied my skincare as per what my doctor advised, and I came home with skin even better than before I left for Bali, despite being under the sun all day long and having my makeup on for long hours while I was there. 


IDS products now make up the bulk of my beauty regime and I’m happy to say that I’ve seen improvements in my complexion! My skin is now more blowy, not as prone to breakouts (not to jinx it but in fact I haven’t had any breakouts since IDS came into my life), the oiliness on my T-zone is now well regulated and I’ve said bye bye to my oil blotters ever since.



My top favourite products from IDS clinic, all here! The IDS Diamond Dust Perfector which definitely lives beyond the hype, IDS C plus to give me a healthy glow and bright looking skin, IDS Pore Formula which is the end of clogged pores and the IDS Non- tinted Sunscreen which is so light weight and non greasy! These are definitely the essentials I can’t live without. 


These are the bits and pieces that make up my #happylifeproject. It seems that happiness can be pretty simple after all, huh? Be happy, live happy!


With love, Joyce

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