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How To Be Fair And Stay That Way By Agnes Low
IDS Skincare, 27 October 2016

In this week’s #IDSSpotlight series, we invited Agnes Low, more commonly known as Aggylow, to share with us some skin whitening tips. Agnes is the owner of fashion label, TACT Singapore, and recently became popular for her mandopop covers. Read on to find out more on how she maintains her skin as white as snow.


This is one of the questions I get a lot.
How did I become so fair, and stay so fair??
After whitening drips got banned in Singapore, a lot of ladies out there are searching for other sources to become fairer.

I am unable to promise that you will be fair instantly following these steps, but I can promise you that you will definitely see a difference after a month if you follow my tips religiously.




Yes water!

Something that we all need everyday and so accessible (how lucky are we).  Drinking tons of water not only helps replenish and hydrate your skin, it also helps to cleanse away the toxins accumulated in our bodies.  Water is always highly related to good health and skin and yes it DOES HELP!




I swear by this!?Always slapping myself with tons of sunscreen lotions and sunblock lotions, this is a MUST for me in order to keep my skin looking fair, young and healthy.When exposed to the sun, our skin health actually deteriorates and age faster due to the harmful UV rays. I always try to stay indoors as much as possible too even though I’m a huge fan of the sun and sea. As to how obsessive am I against sun damage? I bring a bottle of sunscreen spray with me in my bag everywhere I go during the day.


Take me to brunch and I will always choose hotcakes or french toast topped with tons of berries.???Berries not only have high anti-oxidants, they also contain anthocyanin that helps to reduce damage from free radicals on our skin.???My favourites are strawberries and blueberries!Strawberries contain very high amounts of malic acid that is best known to whiten the skin naturally while blueberries helps to lighten dark pigmentations on skin.All berries contain a relatively high amount of Vitamin C which helps in collagen production.Collagen is best known to be good for our skin because it makes our skin look younger, boosting firmness and elasticity!


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This one in my opinion one of the most important step.?With a good skincare range that is reliable and with those skin-loving ingredients, it is possible to achieve fairer skin just by religiously using them.For all these years on my social media/blog entries, I’ve been sharing countless of times how Vitamin C contributes to giving us the best skin ever and a must-have if you wish to have radiant and glowing skin.Also, having a balanced skin is important – healthy skin means having skin that is not too dry nor oily. Using the right products can ensure that you have a real balanced and good skin.–
Extracted from my blog on my review of IDS skincare here
No matter whether for your face or body, it is important to invest in a good scrub.I love love loveeeeee using scrubs because they make my skin so soft and smooth after and they do so much good to the skin!?
Extracted from my blog on my review of IDS skincare here
Scrubs help to gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil on the surface of our skin.They also help to unclog pores and rejuvenate our skin, revealing the healthier layers underneath! ?–
Beauty, is indeed but skin deep.Instead of trying to lighten your skin on the surface, try consuming these foods and trust me that you will start noticing the difference.?
By the way, these 8 superfoods above happen to my favourites!?
This humble-looking bottle here contain some really powerful pills (I like to call them 仙丹s) that not only helps to support skin health, they are proven to REALLY WORK and helps to whiten, lighten and protects our skin from sun damages. ?
It is high in anti-oxidants and full of skin-loving ingredients – one of it is a superfood,TOMATOES!?Other than it’s whitening benefits, LycoWhite also promises to provide all-round health benefits to our bodies as well and is suitable for everyone including vegetarians!It is also certified ‘HALAL’ and ‘KOSHER’.—
Thank you all for reading this!❤️Hope this helps especially those that are racking your brains on how to be fair and stay fair!For more beauty tips, fashion insights and if you happen to also like Mandopop, hop on over to check out my blog and my YouTube music covers at the following links:Website:

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