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#IDSTransformMe Challenge: Pang Jia Min
IDS Skincare, 28 June 2017

In this week’s #IDSSPOTLIGHT feature, we invited Jia Min, one of our participants of #IDSTransformMe challenge, to share her journey of entrusting IDS Skincare with her skin!



Hello Everyone!


My name is Jia Min and I’m honoured to be one of the lucky participants of the #IDSTransformMe challenge two months ago! In this challenge, I have entrusted my skin with IDS Skincare, and I’m happy to share my journey and experiences with you guys.


Before I begin, I would like to share a small history of my skin condition. My skin has been good since my teenage days, however it started to breakout when I’m early 20s in early 2016. Red and bumpy acne surfaced randomly on my face in which there is no way to hide.


I was so depressed and I sought help from a doctor from an outside clinic. The doctor’s advice was to take oral antibiotics, wash my face 4 times a day, no sunscreen, no skincare products and no facial! I was baffled but I gave it a try. I obediently followed his instructions and was on oral antibiotics for a good 9 months (2-3 pills a day) and yes, my skin did improved dramatically.


I was happy and thought my acne has been cleared until I decided to stop taking oral antibiotics in Jan 2017. (Because I do feel my health condition is being affected and my sun sensitivity has lowered.)


Just then, the horrendous pimples slowly came back to my skin AGAIN!! ): I knew I could not rely on oral antibiotics anymore, as it won’t do well in the long run.


Fortunately, this challenge came at the right time!


I received professional help and was recommended the following range of products from IDS Skincare:

  1. IDS Pore Formula
  2. IDS C-Plus
  3. Non-Tinted Sunscreen, SPF50+ PA+++
  4. IDS Probiotic Mask with DermProbiotic Capsules


Before (Day 1) and After (Day 60) photos after using IDS Skincare products


Yes, I understand that you guys could not really see huge improvement of my skin from the above Before and After photos (100% bare face and non-edited). But hang on, and take a look at the following photos:

Photos taken on Day 20 (Left) and Day 40 (Right) after IDS facial 


Within two months of this new regime, I experienced a period of time where the hidden whiteheads grew more, which surfaced as tiny skin-toned bumps and inflamed pimples. I was worried initially but this was actually the effect of IDS Pore Formula in clearing blackheads and whiteheads from the underneath of my skin. I do really like Pore Formula as it refines my pore and most white and blackheads can be removed easily!


I would also like to give a thumbs-up to IDS C-Plus and IDS Non-Tinted Sunscreen! IDS C-Plus does an awesome job in lightening my acne brown spots and even out my skin tone. On the other hand, IDS Non-Tinted Sunscreen is the best sunscreen I have used thus far! It has a very unique watery texture and it is not greasy at all! Super love it!


Another amazing product is IDS Probiotic Mask with DermProbiotic Capsules that help to eliminate excess oils and stabilizes my skin from inflammation. I have used it frequently almost 2-3 times a week and I love how it calms my sensitive skin even after facial.


Photos taken on Day 60 (Left and Right)


This sums up my two months journey with IDS Skincare, and I will continue to work on the remaining acne marks with IDS Skincare products. I’m delighted to say my skin is satisfied now even without any oral antibiotics! A big thank you to all the friendly staff from IDS, you guys helped me to regain my confidence and embrace my bare skin.


For those who are still battling with any skin issues, I do highly recommend you to seek help from IDS skincare professionals. They are really friendly and comfortable to talk to!


Once again, thank you IDS for this opportunity to know you! 😀


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