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IDS Skincare, 06 July 2021

Recently, I was invited by IDS to experience the 'IDS Journey'. It has been almost 3 weeks since I had my visit to the clinic, where I was attended to by Dr Ben Yim. Some of you may know that I’ve been struggling with my pigmentation and freckles on my face, and when IDS offered their service to me, I knew I had to grab this precious opportunity. I was ecstatic!


With the help of the professional doctors, I got an analysis on my skin at the clinic. They were able to help me to pinpoint the cause of my skin problems! I have been waiting all this while for a skin savior for my skin’s woes, so I was exceedingly happy!! The doctors and staff are highly trained at the IDS and they are committed to provide quality service and customer satisfaction, which one can find present in all their clinic procedures and processes!



When I stepped into the skin clinic, and I immediately felt very comfortable and I liked the vibes of the place. I could really see that the staff had a lot of enthusiasm in their work.


 The IDS's very own clinical skincare range is scientifically formulated to deliver maximum efficacy to specifically target common skin problems.





After registering, I was lead to the consultation room to see Dr Ben. After checking my skin for problems, he then prescribed a skincare set to address my skin’s issue. I was given a full customized set of IDS Skincare products which consist of 8 items!



I was definitely happy to have identified my skin issues before beginning on my new skin routine with IDS. Here is my new IDS Skincare regime!




I use the Refreshing Cleanser to remove all remaining traces of makeup. It is a non-drying cleanser for normal to oily/blemish-prone skin.



I have sensitive skin, and this product retains my skin’s natural moisture while removing the residual makeup and dirt from skin without over-drying it. It is also free of parabens, sulfates and fragrances, and it is suitable to sensitive and vulnerable skin prone.





This Delicate Toner is meant for Normal to Dry/Sensitive skin, and it provides a calming antioxidant to soothe my skin and tighten my pores as well. It contains natural botanical extract to protect the skin with Anti-inflammatory benefits.


This product is convenient to use as it has a special nozzle, also known as the ‘micro-mist’ spray to ensure you get the right amount after each application. Alternatively, you can also spray mist onto a clean cotton pad and gently wipe it all over your face. The Delicate Toner is super gentle on my skin and it leaves a moisturizing effect on my face too. With the natural ingredients formulation, it also helps to soothe my irritated skin and helps reduce inflammation. I do notice less redness round my nose area after using it!



STEP 3 : C-PLUS (C+)


C-PLUS is a multi-tasking age-defense serum that is formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C which brightens skin tone and improves skin texture. It also helps in lightening the skin, boosting collagen, repairing skin damage, as well as countering free radicals.



OMG! I love this product so much, as I noticed changes on my skin within 5 days of usage. My face has become brighter after every usage! It has healed my skin faster from my various ‘Mask-ne’ issues. A thumb ups to this!!


The C-PLUS serum helps to increases collagen production and reduces fine lines. It absorbed rapidly into my skin, and the serum is lightweight, therefore I do not feel that I have applied anything on my skin!



STEP 4 : X4


This is the product which counters my pigmentation issues, and it is only meant to be applied on my affected areas only. It helps to diminish black spots quickly!





It is an enriched serum for Anti-aging care for sensitive skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin tone.



It works amazingly well in curbing my skin’s redness and irritation due to long hours of wearing a mask at the workplace. Apart from providing skin stability immunity, it also provides hydration to my skin too.





Thanks IDS for introducing me to this wonderful product, it has become a MUST-USE for me. It is a perfect solution to resolve my dry skin woes!



It is a powerful moisturizer which helps to protect the skin’s barrier, as well as to restore damaged skin, leaving skin supple, bouncy and radiant! I love the creamy formulation which was lightweight, and it helped to protect my skin against dryness and skin sensitivity.





It is lightweight tinted sunscreen in a universal shade, and it provides SPF 50 protection. It offers a nice matte and natural finish. It is chemical free with 100% mineral actives.





Another introduction of an awesome product during IDS journey is the DIAMOND DUST PERFECTOR (DD), and I believe that diamonds are truly a girl's BFF! It is a make-up base which contains diamond dust powders and it instantly conceals all imperfections to give the skin an extremely natural coverage and radiant appearance.



I wore the DD Cream as my make-up base with a thin layer of loose power, and miraculously, it lasts me the entire day at work! I am surprised that with just a small amount of DD cream, it has done wonders to my skin!


The DD Cream can either be worn alone for an overall natural look or on top of your loose powder or foundation powder.



Below is my day skin regime:


C1 Refreshing Cleanser > T2 Delicate Toner > C+ C-PLUS > X4 > RS Recovery Serum > MB Moisture Boost > S3 Non-tinted Sunscreen > DD Diamond Dust Perfector 


Below is my night skin regime:


C1 Refreshing Cleanser > T2 Delicate Toner > C+ C-PLUS > X4 > RS Recovery Serum > MB Moisture Boost 



My two favorites are the C-PLUS and the DIAMOND DUST PERFECTOR, as I felt blessed using them - they are Godsends to me. The C-PLUS Serum ironed out my uneven skin-tone, and now my complexion looks brighter as compared to previously. It's been so far so good, and I have had no negative reactions to the DD Cream and skin feels extremely lightweight, as if I have no makeup on at all. I'M TOTALLY SOLD BY IT!


If you're not too sure on where to start with a new skincare regime, simply head down to IDS and seek their professional advice! They offer knowledgeable suggestions and prescribe products that will help you on your path to healthy and clear skin.


IDS Skincare products are formulated with clinical insights and their products are formulated to target common skin problems especially in our tropical country. This sums up my entire updated skincare regime with IDS Skincare. Stay tuned to my next 'IDS Journey' post review on their facials! For more info, please check them out at and

IDS Clinic
360 Orchard Road, #02-02
International Building, Singapore 238869

Operating hours
10am - 8pm (Mon - Fri) 
10am - 5pm (Sat) 
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays 

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with IDS Skincare & Studio 155. Thoughts and reviews are based on personal experiences.


*Credits to Jess Baby

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