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[ Joy ] Review: IDS Carbon Laser | Why did I take so long to give laser treatments a try?!
IDS Skincare, 05 October 2021
As titled. I've come across many profiles talking about monthly laser treatments and most of them had very good feedback after incorporating lasers into their routine. I didn't have the chance to speak to a professional so I just left it as so; until I made my visit to IDS
I have also tried out some of their products and services. You can search for IDS in the search bar to find the relevant posts. 

Today, I will focus to talk about lasers, particularly carbon lasers because this was the one I did. 

IDS review carbon laser before after



It can lighten pigmentations and dark spots, acne scarrings, stimulates new cell growth and helps with skin lifting. Lasers are no longer something invasive - in fact, there are procedures you can do for an instant perk-me-up. The effect is immediate with no downtime. 


I don't know too. Because it depends on your current skin condition and what you want to achieve. You can simply let the doctor know your concerns and the doctor will advise you accordingly. 


It helps to minimise and clear clogged pores, lighten pigmentation and tighten skin. Sound like a savior especially now because wearing a mask really made my ski more congested than usual. 😒


Step 1: Consultation and suggestion
After the registration, you will be ushered to see Doctor for a consultation. Based on your skin condition and what you intend to achieve, Doctor will advise you on the suitable procedure. 
My skin is congested and there are old scarrings from the past so I was suggested to go for carbon laser. 
Step 2: Numbing cream (optional)
After the consultation, I went into another room to apply a layer of numbing cream. I am glad I was given this option because this was my first time and I have no idea how lasers are like. After the numbing cream is applied, I just had to wait for the effects to kick in before the next step. 
Step 3: Application of carbon substance
                                                                                                                           IDS review carbon laser before after apply
Avoiding areas around my eyes and eyebrows. 
Step 3: Laser it all away
IDS review carbon laser before after
We are almost done here. I took less than hour because I had to wait for the numbing cream effect to kick in. The actual process is 5 minutes or less?


No, is there any discomfort? No. 


No downtime at all. I am pleasantly surprised as I thought laser treatments are often invasive. 
In fact, my skin immediately feels and looks better, see below.


Here's a quick before-after. At least I remember to take it before the procedure and right after. Always slipped my mind to do it nowadays. 
IDS review carbon laser before after
Both without make-up.
Can you see how much the scars have lightened especially around my chin? And the redness around my nose is gone? And how much more hydrated" 


Speak to a doctor for better advise on this. I was advised to do monthly maintenance for best results. 


I cannot exactly remember how much it was per session but they have a very good package deal (which works out to be in the range of 200ish per session) for any kind of laser treatments. I like how their arrangement works - your skin changes so why should you be tied to one type of treatment plan? 
IDS meant it when they said they customise skincare for you. 


Sessions are fast and results are impressive. Thank goodness I've dropped by for a quick visit before the Heighten Alerts kicked in. My skin has been alright looking fresh and food so far. 
- Cleans and tightens pores, lighten scars and pigmentation
- Non-invasive
- No downtime
- Painless and fast procedure
- Instant observable results
- Good service and clean environment
- Reasonable priced
- Different package arrangement for different needs 
- I can't think of any


360 Orchard Rd
#02-02 International Building
Singapore 238869
Tel: 6450 3555
Mon - Fri: 10 am - 8 pm 
Sat: 10 am - 5 pm
Sun: Closed
Rating: 10/10
Recommend to give IDS lasers a try if you haven't

*Credits to Joy

Visit Joy's blog post here.

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