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[ oo-foodielicious ] IDS – Laser treatment experience on face & facial hair removal
IDS Skincare, 13 September 2021

Towards the end of April, I headed for my third visit at IDS. This time, it was for a laser treatment. According to their website, such laser treatment usually takes four to ten sessions for results to show and is also dependent on each individual’s skin condition.


At the start of the treatment, I had numbing cream applied onto my face which I believed would help to relieve pain during laser. After about an hour of waiting, I was called in for the laser treatment.


The treatment was applied onto my entire face, starting from the right to left. There was a little prickly sensation from the equipment used but it’s very much tolerable and nothing to be afraid of. My eyes were also covered with gauze to protect the area.


The entire laser treatment didn’t take very long, but the procedure covered every part of my skin. One of the more noticeable result was that much of my facial hair (especially between the eye and above the lip) had been removed. Fast forward to a month later, there is still no sight of any facial hair appearing above my lip area, which is good.



On a side note, the newly upgraded cleanser now has a smoother gel-like texture to it which makes it even more gentle on the skin.


One of my happiest achievements from the entire IDS journey is starting and being able to see through the IDS-proposed skincare routine. As someone who is usually lazy in taking good care of my skin, this routine has opened my eyes to the benefit and results as the months go by. Such a confident boost!




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