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[ Samantha ] Aerolase Laser With IDS
IDS Skincare, 08 November 2021

For the past few months, I've been using IDS products and I sure deserve a big pat for completing its skincare regime - much to my benefit!
Wrapping up my skin transformation journey, I was treated to a Aerolase Laser session.


One of the most common and widely used aesthetics treatments in Singapore are laser treatments. LASER, an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, utilizes sources of high intensity and monochromatic light, emitting light energy of only one wavelength or color.
Lasers target specific tissues in the skin without harming the surrounding tissue. Different lasers with various wavelengths target different skin concerns. While some lasers focus on melanin (brown pigments) by minimizing the appearance of dark spots or sun spots, others concentrate on red pigments, penetrating blood vessels, capillaries or acne scars, creating micro-sized wounds in order to stimulate the body’s repair and renewal response to generate new collagen to improve skin texture.
As laser technology improves, so does the range of applications and indications. Today’s lasers can target and penetrate more deeply into the dermis of the skin, so much so that they are rivaling facelifts for results. And with the added advantage that patients do not have to endure the longer recovery times nor side-effects associated with surgical procedures, there is demand for non-invasive laser treatments.
The underlying concept is that specific laser wavelengths can be delivered to the skin in order to treat targeted structures while leaving the surrounding skin structures (hair, collagen, pigment, etc.) undamaged.


I saw many other patients walking out with red bleeding skin and I certainly didn't want that. Thankfully, she reassured me that there's no downtime for my treatment. And she was right. I could go for my next appointment bare face - no pain, no redness, no swelling.

The aerolase laser process took about 15 mins - quick and efficient. Perfect for working ladies or busy mummies. Pop in for a visit and you are out within half an hour. Highly recommended!
Thank you IDS for attending to my skincare needs! Ever so professional, friendly and sweet.


*Credits to Samantha

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