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[ Samantha ] Face Contouring And Skin Tightening: Thermage FLX
IDS Skincare, 14 December 2021
To continue my #idstransformme journey by IDS Skincare, I am all excited to undergo Thermage FLX to maintain my youth!
Many people have been wanting to look for more ways to achieve tighter skin in a safe and non-invasive way...
THERMAGE is the way to go!
Was recently very interested when I visited IDS for my skin earlier this year. I picked up the Thermage brochure at IDS and saw that Thermage is clinically proven to stimulate collagen growth for younger looking skin. Pump up that collagen intake!

Forever 18, Forever 21... definitely possible!

I am sold! I called to make the appointment almost immediately
How does it work?
Thermage FLX utilizes patented radiofrequency (RF) to deliver heat safely and uniformly into the deep skin layers to renew the collagen. The gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen, resulting in an immediate skin tightening and well-defined 3-dimensional skin contour.
It features the revolutionary AccREP™ technology for personalized tightening & lifting, employing the new treatment algorithm that optimizes the RF energy output for precise heating, customized to your skin. Comfort Pulse Technology also intersperse cooling bursts and works with the multi-directional tip vibration to ensure utmost comfort throughout the session.
After treatment, skin continues to improve for up to 6 months and last up to 12 months. No surgery, just naturally younger-looking skin that can take years off your appearance.
My Thermage session started with a consultation with Dr Lum at IDS (Novena). I went for it without any expectations on how the procedure will be like as I wanted to experience it first-hand. All I knew was it will be great for my skin and I definitely want a collagen-packed + tighter skin. Sounds great!
So I left the procedure explanation to Dr Lum, the expert, obviously. She managed my (pain) expectations as well as the possible side effects for this treatment. We agreed that this treatment is more suitable for women in their 30s in terms of skin maintenance but it's always good to start young (i'm not in my 30s yet) so that one can see better effects long-term, especially when I get to my 50s or older...

After which, I was whisked off by the clinic staff for skin cleansing and application of numbing cream (which is super duper important!) on my entire face and jaw area. I had it on for the next hour, during which I felt my face swelling up - not a big concern as it's the typical reaction for any numbing cream.

My face was properly numbed and we are ready to start!
Some temporary grids were applied on all areas of my face so as to help the doctor visualize where to place the Thermage handpiece. I've never done anything close to this before so I actually asked the staff... "this one can remove right?"... and she replied, "yes for sure!" Looks like I'm undergoing plastic surgery! But no, it isn't anything close so not to worry! :P
Dr Lum delivered the first few shots and I barely any pain. I thought to myself "oh, her pain management talk during the consultation helped / my pain threshold is quite high"... but after about 50 shots (which is probably only 10mins or so into the treatment) fired, I begged Dr Lum to lower the intensity as I felt like my flesh was being ironed on. Iron is really the right word to use for the heat contact on my skin. Oh boy, how wrong was I to say it was painless! And, this was just the start!
The most painful spots for me were at my cheekbones and jawline, perhaps because those are more boney areas. I really couldn't control my tears, they just fell naturally when the heat got too hot (for me)... pretty unbearable I must say. You should expect the heat sensation if you are trying out this treatment! Oh the silver lining? Don't ask me why but forehead is the most painless spot. That, could go on forever... 
Given, everyone's pain threshold is different so there may be people who don't find the heat painful at all. You'll have to try it for yourself to find out!
After 'surviving' the first 100 shots, I never thought we could get to 600 (the end goal)... but we eventually did! Phew!!!

Some tips to reduce pain?

1) I must say the handpiece’s vibration really helped to distract me from the sensation of heat. You can opt for the non-vibration mode but I highly recommend you to go for the vibration!

2) Interact with your Doctor! Thankfully Dr Lum was chatty and we spoke throughout the session. I was crying and laughing at the same time!!!

3) I find that Dr Lum's strategy of starting with the higher intensity shots worked well. It gets more bearable after time as the skin probably got used to the heat. Also, switching sides and areas definitely helped in pain management too.


The entire session took about 45 minutes. And the best part is that there's absolutely NO DOWNTIME. This I can attest for as I could still carry on with my usual activities after exiting the clinic. In fact, I felt that my skin had a natural 'cooling sensation' because it was 'heated up' earlier.


One week post treatment, I feel that my cheeks are firmer. Perhaps I don't experience drastic before/after because of my age but I am so glad to have tried this treatment! I am expecting results to gradually improve over the next three to six months post-treatment because it is supposed to 'last' for a year or so at least!


If you want to know my experience with Thermage, here you go!



*Credits to Samantha

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