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[ Shi Hui ] How I Reduce Pigmentation with Q Switch Laser Treatment pairs with IDS Skincare!
IDS Skincare, 23 September 2021

Pigmentation, enlarged pores and acne scarring are some of the issues we often face on our skin. With the latest technology, we are not only able to lighten these unsightly problems but we can remove them altogether.


How I Reduce Pigmentation with Q Switch Laser Treatment

In the past few weeks, I brought you through the process of my skincare journey and facial treatment with IDS Skincare and IDS Aesthetics. In this post, I’m bringing to you the solution to your pigmentation concerns - Q Switch Laser Treatment.


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IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions)

IDS, Innovative Dermatological Solutions, is Singapore leading aesthetics skincare group that provides customised skincare and aesthetics treatment. Such customisation ensures that people of different skin types can get the right kind of skincare and treatments for their skin. IDS mission is to give all women the confidence to walk out of their house with their bare skin.


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Before the Treatment

In my last update, my skin was doing much better after the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment. I’ve also followed the doctor’s advice on tweaking the usage of the pore formula and my skin does not feel as dry. It was in an adequate state but of course, I still face issues like pimples, enlarged pores and acne scars.





Before going through with Q Switch Laser Treatment, I had a quick consultation with Doctor. She studied my face and diagnosed a laser treatment for me. The Q Switch Laser was chosen for it can not only help even my skin tone but it can help reduce the size of my pores as well.


After the consultation, I was ushered to another room where the clinic assistants prepare my face by removing my sunscreen and cleansing my face. Thereafter, numbing cream was applied to my face. 


The clinic assistant used her fingers instead of a cotton bud to spread the cream for fingers allows the numbing cream to be absorbed into the skin in a shorter amount of time. Her fingers will also be numb for a few hours but she wants the best for the patients.


She also applied more numbing cream and concentrated on my cheeks since during the diagnosis with Doctor. It was thoughtful of her to notice such details and pay extra attention to her patients.


What are Laser Treatments good for?

There are different types of laser therapy for different problems. Almost anything superficial could be solved with laser therapy.


Laser therapy helps with:

  • Lightening or removal of pigmentation
  • Lightening or removal of unsightly blood vessels
  • Tightening of the skin by heating of the middle layers of the skin
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Removal of skin growths on the skin




Q Switch Laser Treatment

Q-Switched laser or also known as the quality-switched laser is one of the milder lasers that is suitable for people that have never tried laser treatment before.


Q Switch Nd Yag laser is used to remove pigments by targeting the melanin (pigmentation and hair) in our skin. This laser creates high-intensity pulsed beam light that lasts just a billionth of a second. Its energy fragments the pigment into smaller particles for the skin’s immune system to remove. It also helps stimulate collagen production in your skin.



Laser Stimulates Collagen

One of the theories why collagen production was triggered during the laser is the rapid delivery of the laser stimulates a vibration throughout the surface of the skin. This triggers the collagen response.


Laser for Tattoo, Birthmarks and Moles Removal

Q switch laser treatment is commonly used to remove tattoo inks, birthmarks and moles from our skin as well. The laser can also tighten your pores, smoothen your skin and target the redness of the skin.


In short, if you are unhappy with your sun-spots, freckles or melasma, you should go for this laser.


Little to No Downtime

Since this laser mainly targets the surface of the melanin, there is little to no downtime after I had the laser treatment. The only thing I need to take note of is not to stay in the sun for more than 2 hours.


When it comes to lasers, the general rule of thumb is the bigger the area and the deeper the laser energy penetration, the longer will the recovery time be.



Who is not suitable for lasers?

  • People who are currently pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Those who are prone to scarring even after a minor injury
  • People with acne, cold sores, as well as other skin disorders as the skin condition may worsen after laser resurfacing
  • Heavy smokers as smoking decrease the capacity of the damaged skin to heal - smokers will be advised against smoking for at least two weeks pre and post-laser skin resurfacing
  • Those with very tanned or dark skin


How long does it take for the pigmentation to be removed?

Depending on the severity of the pigmentation, it can take between 5 to 10 sessions for your pigmentation to fully disappear. The length of time is dependent on the type of laser treatment you go through. Each treatment could be repeated every 1 to 4 weeks.




After the treatment

The most surprising thing for me is the lack of downtime. I’ve been to laser treatments before and almost all of them have a downtime be it a day or a week. The Q Switch Laser treatment lets you live your life as per usual without any downtime. The only thing you need to take note of is not being able to be under the sun for more than 2 hours.


Paring with IDS Skincare Products, my skin complexion looks much smoother than before. It is brighter and significantly lighter. It did help remove the superficial scar from my left cheek and lighten some of the other acne scars.


Do note, for the darker acne scars to be fully removed, that would require more than 1 laser sessions.


An unusual but blessed result is the removal of my ‘moustache’ that was hidden under my mask. Finally, I am more of a woman.




Q Switch Laser Before and After

All in all, the Q Switch Laser treatment did help significantly lighten the skin tone, even out skin tone and reduce pigmentation. However, if you want to remove your pigmentation fully, it would require more than one session.


With that, this is my journey with IDS. You can learn more about their customized products at IDS Skincare, check out more facial treatments at IDS Aesthetics.


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*Credits to Shi Hui

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